Our Story

Built by an admin for admins, our mission is to improve the health of every Salesforce org

oAtlas gives you the tools to understand what parts of the org are being used, what technical debt can be removed, and an organized place to leave documentation behind for others on your team. Armed with these unique insights, your org will quickly arrive at a more scalable place, allowing your Salesforce team to confidently continue building


We believe that there aren’t enough tools specifically designed for Salesforce admins. The tools that do exist often require development knowledge and are cumbersome to use. We set out to build the most user friendly and straightforward (yet extremely powerful) Salesforce app on the market. We hope you can jump into oAtlas on day 1 without any training at all.


We understand that oAtlas is being trusted to process potentially sensitive data that lives in your Salesforce org. With that in mind, we have made a series of decisions to allay fears and provide the most secure environment possible. We do NOT store your data, ever, for any period of time. In addition, ALL of the data processing is done on the Salesforce platform. Lastly, oAtlas lives right in your org! Not on some outside website.


We strive to constantly innovate to better solve admin problems. We are the first to introduce 100% native reporting on Profiles & Permission Sets (something many said was not possible) as well as a host of additional features. As the platform keeps changing, we’ll work to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible with oAtlas.