Whether you are brand new to an org or have been building in it for years, oAtlas will make an immediate impact on your daily job.

Identifying technical debt / performing impact analysis

Use oAtlas to quickly highlight parts of your org that are no longer being used.  With just a few clicks, perform an impact analysis to see where else it’s referenced across the org.

Onboarding a new hire or consultant

Bringing on a new team member or a new consulting team? No need to have them spend weeks sifting through documents or clicking through endless setup menus. Simply grant them access to oAtlas and they can learn everything about the org in just a few hours.

Performing a Salesforce permission audit

Have an audit coming up? Gone are the days of manually building permission spreadsheets, which are out of date the moment a change is made in Salesforce.  With oAtlas, you can export all permissions across the entire org, with a single click.

Understanding how a user/team is using the org

Have a meeting coming up with a certain division that uses Salesforce? With oAtlas, dig into a particular user to understand which parts of the org they are using the most, and look at all areas of the org built out for this division already. You’ll hit the ground running in your next meeting.

Reporting on hard to reach places in the org

Need to pull a report on hard to reach places, such as manual sharing, automations, or public group membership? Reporting on Salesforce metadata (the structure of the org) is essentially impossible with standard tools. With oAtlas, you can run any of these reports right in the standard Salesforce reporting engine.  No learning curve, no limitations.  Even export any details to excel.

Analyzing field & record type usage

Have an object that is loaded with custom fields and struggling to figure out which ones are actually used?  oAtlas examines every field (and record type) in your org to calculate how often they are being used.  You are left with a detailed breakdown for every field in your org, so you can make informed decisions on which ones are actually needed and which ones are just clutter.

Managing Salesforce projects

Managing the building of new features in Salesforce is hard enough, actually tying that back to each individual piece of the org that was built, is next to impossible. With oAtlas, you can do just that.  Not only capture the Salesforce project, who is involved, and what the status of it is, but then tie each project right to each part of the org that was built or modified to support a business process.

Maintaining living documentation for your org

Good documentation is key to the long term success of your Salesforce technology stack.  Unfortunately, documentation in Salesforce is often limited or non-existent, which poses many challenges as the tool is integrated deeper into your business. With oAtlas, maintain a living documentation map of your org, ensuring you always know what was built, and why.  Whether it’s just you managing the org, or a whole team, you’ll always know how each part of the org fits into the larger picture and who to speak to if you there are questions.