The Salesforce native way to #KnowYourOrg®

oAtlas is the only Salesforce native app that allows you to easily Understand, Document, and Report on your org.

Built by an admin for admins, our mission is to improve the health of every Salesforce org

oAtlas gives you the tools to understand what parts of the org are being used, what technical debt can be removed, and an organized place to leave documentation behind for others on your team. Armed with these unique insights, your org will quickly arrive at a more scalable place, allowing your Salesforce team to confidently continue building.

A true game-changer for managing your org.


Get a data dictionary
of your org.

Understanding how an org is built and how it’s being used is a difficult and time consuming task. With oAtlas, what used to take weeks or months of complex investigative work, now takes just a few clicks.


Create a documentation map of your org

Documentation is tied directly to the part(s) of the org it’s for and the larger project / business process it supports. Communicate org details across the Salesforce team.


Run reports on Profiles & Permission Sets natively (#finally)

Report on numerous other parts of your org that were previously impossible to report on, including: Permission Set Assignments, Users in Public Groups, and Automations.

The Salesforce native way to #KnowYourOrg ®

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See how oAtlas can help you in your specific role on the Salesforce team.

What our customers are saying.

Change log and documentation all in one place in Salesforce. It's been a long time waiting for an app like this

-Barb, Admin at a supply company

I use oAtlas everyday, we are a fairly large team of system admins on a complex busy org. I also need to perform a yearly user audit and the reporting ability on users and their assigned permissions sets makes it a lot faster.

-Claire, Admin at a large bank

It was easy to setup and allowed me to quickly get a picture of the new org I had joined

-Richard, Admin at a medical company

Use the records in your org to uncover how your org is being used

A data dictionary of your org structure is a great starting point in understanding how your org is built. But, wouldn’t it be great to also see how the org is actually being used (ie. what fields are being filled in?) With oAtlas, by analyzing every piece of data in your org, we do just that. oAtlas couples the data dictionary with the actual usage metrics, so you end up knowing how your org is BUILT, but also how it’s actually being USED.

Understand Usage

oAtlas does a complete data analysis of your org, revealing object usage, field usage, record type usage, and other metrics about your Salesforce data.

Speed & Scale

oAtlas can process an entire org, with tens of millions of records, in a matter of a few hours, while other apps can take up to a day for a single Object (or fail entirely on heavily used Objects).

oAtlas examines many additional parts of your Salesforce org, for a full feature list, complete the form below to download our “oAtlas Product Highlights” document.